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Описание: We decided to have sex and film our pleasure on a home camera, now this is our new hobby! I teased him with my round elastic ass in front of the camera lens, while he was making adjustments. When the camera was ready to shoot, without taking off my shoes, I climbed onto the sofa so that he would come up and let me suck his big hard cock. I gave him a passionate blowjob, swallowing the cock quite deeply into my mouth, but it seems that he wanted even deeper. He held my hair and directed my head pushing his big dick down my throat, it turned out a little slobbery blowjob, but I still couldn’t completely swallow his cock, as I didn’t try even when he pushed my head by force. After a rather hard blowjob, I got into a dog position so that he could insert his cock as deep as possible into my anal slit and fuck my narrow anus hard. He worked a little with his tongue along the hole, and gently inserted his cock into my crack, from which I immediately felt a pleasant pain in my ass. He began to fuck me hard, penetrating deeper with each movement, and I really felt pain and pleasure at the same time, this is an indescribable pleasure! I felt the full size of his big penis in my ass, he penetrated intensely and hard to the full length, to the very balls. From this pleasant pain, I made loud sexual moans, and he sometimes slapped my ass with his palm, from which I got even more pleasure. We changed positions, I lay down sideways, holding my leg high and holding it with my hand, he settled back, and again fucked my anus hard. I smiled and endured, not understanding whether it was pain or pleasure, but I wanted to be stronger and harder! We changed positions again, and I sat on top of his ass on his cock, turning my back to him. Sometimes I jumped like a cowgirl, and sometimes I just sat, and he did all the movements himself, "tearing" my anus with his penis. He fucked me for a long time, and when it came time to finish, he lay on his back so that I again worked with my mouth, giving a deep blowjob. As in the beginning, he pushed his head with his hands so that the cock went deeper, again I could not completely swallow his big cock. I felt that the eruption was coming soon, and opened my mouth wider. Masturbating his dick with my hand while working my tongue on the prick, I got a fantan of sperm on my face and in my mouth. He plentifully flooded me with sperm, and I was very pleased, I liked to feel a pleasant pain in my ass, and now we have anal sex regularly!

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Часовой пояс: UTC

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