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В ролях: Amber Daikiri (aka Alena)

Описание: A young man in uniform entered the entrance and climbed the stairs, found the right apartment, and called. The door was opened by a young pretty girl, a man in uniform introduced himself and said that he was on behalf of the tax office, they went into the apartment and started talking. The tax inspector stated that the girl had a debt, taxes had not been paid, presented the document for review, and demanded a signature. The girl was furious, she had everything paid and there were no debts, she tore up the document, and threw the torn notice of non-payment in the face of a civil servant. The tax inspector reacted sharply to such audacity and rudeness of the girl, he lost control of himself, took off his glasses and shoes, and firmly grabbed the landlady by the throat, knocking her onto the sofa. He tore off the girl's clothes, exposing her beautiful natural tits, and began to try to kiss her breasts and lips, after which he turned the beauty on her stomach, and tore her stockings on her ass, pulled out his penis, and began to rape the frightened girl hard in her mouth, punching her cheeks with a penis and deeply going down their throats. After the oral rape, the civil servant twisted the girl's hand behind her back, and put her in the pose of a dog, inserted his penis into her pussy, and began to rape her again. The weak girl was afraid to resist, her strength was only enough for loud moans and screams, she had to endure this cock in her pussy. The rapist lashed out at his victim as he wanted, tore clothes on a frightened baby, shoved a member into her throat and pussy, and it was not enough for him, he wanted more and harder! The rapist decided to fuck the girl in the ass, and she again had to endure pain in her hole. He tore her anus for a long time and hard, until he switched back to pussy again, and when he finished his dirty work, he forced the girl to her knees, and began to fill the mouth of the raped girl with sperm, sperm flowed over her lips and chin from her mouth, the rapist slapped her on the cheeks and left...

Год выхода: 2015
Выпущено: Россия / TeachThatBitch (DirtyFlix)
Жанр: Roleplay, Rape, Gonzo, Anal, Rough Sex, Fetish, Legal Teen, Small Natural Tits, Bubble Butt, Bald Pussy, Tattoo, Piercing, Blonde, Stockings, Uniform, POV, Strangle, Spanking, Face Fucking, Deep Throat, Oral, Facial, Blowjob, Cum In Mouth, Russian


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